Felicity Logan is a self-taught pole artist and contortionist who began her story in a small town in Scotland. At 18 years old she left the conventional life and began a new life as a pole dancer who performed worldwide. Through this incredible journey, she gained inspiration, valuable knowledge and developed her own unique pole dance style.
Felicity incorporates spiritual beliefs into her practice and believes wholeheartedly that there is no separation between the mind and body and that both must be trained. Felicity desires to help as many students as she can to establish consistency in their practice and achieve the skills that they could only dream to have through the Align training platform.

Felicity's current titles :
Pole Theatre Sydney Overall Winner 2017
Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles Winner 2017
Dance filthy Australia Winner 2016
Pole Theatre UK Classique Winner 2015
Mr and Misses Pole Scotland Elite Winner 2014
Miss Pole dance UK runner up 2012/2013
Just to name a few…